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Flange type explosion-proof electric heater

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Product overview:

Mainly used for the contact of the liquid is heated, with fast heat exchange, high thermal efficiency, maximum surface heat load of heating elements in different heating medium allowed are not the same, there is a close relationship between the value of the heating medium with physical and chemical properties, if the shape is when will have a surface temperature of the heating element is sharp increase the service life of the heating medium will decrease, in addition due to excessive heat deterioration and so on, if the value is too small, it will increase the volume of the heater, so that the sharp increase of the cost. The electric heater for different purposes, different surface load structure on the tube plate flange carries a plurality of heating elements, heating tube arranged in different parts of support plate to fix the electric heating tube, reduce the vibration caused by medium flow, may prevent the heating pipe pipe and pipe contact due to heat generated this type of heater, the explosion-proof temperature control device or overtemperature protection device is arranged in the connection settings, to achieve temperature control or prevent dry burning by medium flow occurs.

Product features:

1. small space occupation

2. compared with the split element, in the same space, more electric heating elements can be placed, so that the power density of the electric heating element (the power per unit heating area) is lower, and the service life is longer

3. the heat efficiency is high, because the electric heating element is more concentrated, the contact surface with the environment is small, the heat loss is low

4. easy wiring, because the heater element has internal cluster after wiring, users only need to pass into the power cable; and the breakdown of components, wiring complex, each heater power cable, also increased the probability of failure.

5. for pressure vessels, the number of holes required increases naturally, and the pressure vessel needs to be strengthened, which increases the design difficulty and cost of the pressure vessel, while the bundle element only needs to open one hole

6. heat start fast

7. there are spare components inside the cluster element, in case the damage of the electric heating element is replaced, the spare parts can be replaced without unloading the material, and if the components are broken, the material can be replaced before replacing and the material can be replaced

Product application:

The utility model is suitable for heating liquid of various containers, tanks and solution tanks.



Contact Us

Address: No. 3 Dazhai Road, Baoying Development Zone, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China

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